• Sheriff of Snake Valley who is betrothed to Clementine. A hero amongst all heroes.
  • Blondie's best friend and Clementine's sister. Has always been in love with Blondie.
  • Blondie's mentor and father of Clementine and Utah. He may be older, but he ain't a pushover.
  • Leader of the gunslinging bandits. Blondie gives safe passage to him and his army.
  • Sheriff of Coyote's Bend. Travels to Snake Valley from time to time.
    Snake EyesWestern
  • Blondie's arch nemesis. Jealous of Blondie's tan.
    Evil BobWestern
  • Captain of the Revenge. His dream is to find the greatest pirate treasure- The Golden Pearl.
  • Worked his way up from a swabbie. Knows nothing but life at sea.
    The KiddPirates
  • There's nothing this seafaring pirate hates more than a landlubber. He has to constantly chase away his sister's suitors.
    James BonneyPirates
  • Caribbean princess whose heart only belongs to the adventures of the sea.
    Anne BonneyPirates
  • Cursed to live forever as a skeleton. He travels the seven seas to find a cure.
    Avery BonesPirates
  • The most feared pirate hunter. His goal is to capture Blackbeard.
    Captain WiggsPirates
  • The greatest spy that ever lived. He prefers his medium dry vodka martinis shaken, not stirred.
    James VagabondThe Infiltrators
  • Orphaned at a young age and taken in by the special services. She met and fell in love with James in her first reconaissance mission.
    NikitaThe Infiltrators
  • Bubby specializes in underwater spying. Misunderstood at times, he'd rather hang with the fishies than with people.
    BubbyThe Infiltrators
  • Comes from a long line of cat burglers. Diamonds are this girl's best friend.
    Kitty PriceThe Infiltrators
  • His hobbies include hatching sinister plots and mindless acts of terror. He is particularly fond of Persian cats.
    Dr. KrullThe Infiltrators
  • A Russian double agent and former KGB member, he has a particularly soft spot for Babushka dolls.
    VladimirThe Infiltrators
  • Leader of the Triads. Next in line to be the Tengakure clan leader. Prefers to be called Yoshi.
  • Yoshi's classmate and member of his yakuza. Will beat up anyone who gets in the way of Yoshi's heart.
    Yumi HeartYakuza
  • Yoshi's right hand man. Jealous that Yoshi has so many girls after him.
  • A prestigious member of the Tengakure clan. Grew up serving and protecting Yoshi.
  • Betrothed to Yoshi to merge their two clans together. Devastaed when Yoshi ran away from home.
  • Mother of Yoshihiro and current leader of the Tengakure clan.
    Miss MotoYakuza
  • The young orphaned Zara was saved from utter despair by Athena. She is forever grateful to her and is loyal to the end.
    ZaraWarriors of the Road
  • McMaddox fights on Athena's side and hopes to exact his revenge for his fallen wife and son.
    McMaddoxWarriors of the Road
  • Princess Athena hopes to instill hope and light to her people and protect them against Gologotha's evil.
    AthenaWarriors of the Road
  • A walking nightmare who rules the ruins of a dying world.
    GolgothaWarriors of the Road
  • Saved by Golgotha but forever doomed to do his dirty work for eternity.
    SladeWarriors of the Road
  • Kobra is an ex-special forces unit, turning to a life of crime when the government betrayed him.
    KobraWarriors of the Road
  • Fern is the only girl in Canada's pro hockey league. She's the toughest amd most talented player ever to grace the ice.
    FernNorthern Lights
  • A rebel and a separatist, he fights for freedom.
    Le CroixNorthern Lights
  • The youngest of nine brothers, Slappy wants to prive that no one can push him around.
    SlappyNorthern Lights
  • Hailing from the outer reaches of the provinces, it was always her dream to become a Mountie.
    AvrilNorthern Lights
  • As a cub left on O'Neil's doorstep, Kodiak became the world's first contraband sniffing bear. He's as fierce as he is cuddly.
    KodiakNorthern Lights
  • Following in his father's footsteps, he strives to bring honor and peace as the Captain of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
    O'NealNorthern Lights
  • He may look harmless but he'll gladly shoot you in the back when you ain't looking.
    StacheHombres Duros
  • Raised by monks, El Loco has always dreamed of being a Luchador. He fights to earn money for a local orphanage.
    El LocoHombres Duros
  • A man of many talents, he lives to heard the sound of his machine gun sing.
    GuitaristaHombres Duros
  • Even death cannot keep this bruja from coming back to fight another day.
    Senora MuerteHombres Duros
  • A hardened gunslinger, Cuchillo lives for the battle.
    CuchilloHombres Duros
  • Charmed to life by Senora Muerte, he now has ways to defend himself from those who want his candy.
    Bad BurroHombres Duros
  • Eliza first worked as a nurse, but went into the battlefield when her love went missing.
    Eliza KingJarheads
  • His ancestors died in every major American war... he believes he must follow his destiny.
  • Former Green Beret, Shambo is an expert in weaponry, hand to hand combat, survival, and guerilla warfare.
  • McKnight is one of the most dedicated members of SWAT. He specializes in counter-terrorism and hostage saving.
  • Rook is part of an elite team of Shock Troopers who can tear through any enemy lines.
  • Dont' be fooled by his cheerful demeanor; Bishop is one of the most lethal in the USSOCOM.
  • A brilliant Chrononaut as handy with math as he is with disruptors.
    Major PykeUber
  • A time traveling treasure hunting thief with questionable motives.
    Snickity NicUber
  • Admiral of his Majesty's Royal Zeppelin... The Dreadnaught.
    Duke RobinsonUber
  • A brassy lass with an unbeatable combination of brains and bravado.
    Belle McCoyUber
  • A dashing ex-loyalist now horribly disfigured from a steam explosion.
  • Mechanical or human? His rusty heart beats only for Belle.